"National Small Business Month"
A National Effort Encouraging Everyone to
Support and Promote Your Local Small Businesses
National Contact Office:
308 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Since 2020, American Workers Radio has been urging everyone to support their local businesses throughout the year and especially during the month of December, "National Small Business Month".  This National effort urges America's consumers to shop at their local small businesses and encourage family and friends to do the same.

There are millions of small businesses serving customers all over the United States. As Americans celebrate various holiday events and purchase gifts for family and friends, consumers are being urged to go out of their way to shop at their local small businesses throughout the month of December, as well as to purchase products made in America whenever possible.

Small businesses employ over 60 million Americans. Your patronage helps keep our fellow Americans employed and America's economy vibrant.

Important Reasons to Support America's Small Businesses Include:

America's small businesses employ more than 60 million people and 70% of every dollar spent at local businesses is re-circulated within local economies. Your support for small businesses also helps in the following ways:

Local businesses remain open and able to keep people employed.
Local delivery and marketing services are utilized.
Local, as well as federal and state taxes collected through the payroll and business tax system, are used to support local, state and federal government services.
This month long effort will also help American based manufacturers and local service providers maintain jobs for their workers.
By shopping at your local small business, you are circulating finances through the community and helping more small businesses open in your area and therefore creating more jobs.

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Thanks for promoting America's Small Businesses!

Michael Blichasz, National Contact
Michael@AmericanWorkers Radio

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